About Us

Solan Communication & IT. specializes in the design, installation, programming, and servicing of industrial, commercial and residential safety & security systems including network systems, wireless solutions, construction cabling, access control and closed-circuit TV cameras produced by a variety of manufacturers. We have been providing businesses with custom-designed, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to various corporate clienteles in Saudi Arabia, including public and private sector for their security needs since 2004.


Our Commitment

Shareholder Commitment – A statement of intent.

SOLAN is a security and communications system integrator that provides solutions for our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We respect and serve our customers and we are dedicated to exceed their expectations by designing and implementing the solutions that protect; monitor and secure their assets.

Our employees are trustworthy and well trained to represent our Company and work with our customers. We aim to employ Saudi Arabian nationals and develop their skills in these mission critical information technology solutions; providing long term employment opportunities and talent management for our staff.

Our goal is to provide sustainable employment and a Company that we and our employees are proud to call the best security and communications solutions provider in Saudi Arabia. Our Company will deliver to our Customers the solutions through our Quality Management Systems and expert project management skills.

SOLAN will always focus on our customers; employees and partners to maintain our growth and profitability targets.

Our Vision

We will secure our customers by providing the latest technology and services; our company will be the best Security and Communications integrator in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build a trustworthy, profitable Company that operates ethically and will:

  • Become the number 1 security and communications solution provider in Saudi Arabia delivering the state-of-the art technology to our customers.
  • Satisfy our customers with on-time delivery of projects
  • Value and train our employees increasing loyalty to the Company
  • Grow the Company providing the shareholders with the return on their investment
  • Select the best technology and partners in the world to delight our Customers