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SOLAN for Integrated Security Systems

Welcome to Solan – SOLAN for Integrated Security Systems

Solan is a security solutions system integrator that provides its clients with security requirements analysis and assessments; solution design and project management. Through the integration of multiple products and technologies Solan protects, secures and tracks organisations key assets. The solutions set are state-of-the art and cover continuous perimeter surveillance through radar solutions; infrared thermal and laser imaging for detection and intervention of threats; and critical infrastructure protection.

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Complex security solutions require many elements; people, software, hardware and challenging environments. We have the proven ability to...

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Project Management

Our Project Managers are well trained and qualified to manage single projects or complex security programs. They focus on the detail of delivery...

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Security Analysis & Assesments

Solan has the capability to review and assess the vulnerability of an organisations facilities. Recommendations follow these in-depth studies aimed...

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Solution Design

We can provide complete security designs for your company’s pysical locations. These designs can cover single and multiple sites ...

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